Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

·         Accreditation and Quality Assurance

·         International and Regional Campus Networks

·         Outreach Engineering Education Programs

·         Student development strategies

·         Outcome based education

·         Laboratory experiences: on-site, online; at home and mobile labs

·         Student Learning Assessment

·         Distance Education: Methods, technologies, and assessment

·         Partnerships and Stakeholders network

·         Smart Learning

·         Basic Science in Engineering Education.

·         Continuing Education & Its Delivery.

·         Engineering Education Reforms.

·         Policy in Higher Education

·         International Recognition of Qualifications.

·         Studies in Engineering and the needs of the Production and Market.

·         New Technologies in Education.

·         Industry and Education: A Continuous Collaboration.

·         Globalisation in engineering education. Challenges and problems.

·         Management of engineering education. Know-how in engineering education.

·         Environment and engineering education.

·         World Integration and Engineering Education.

·         Women in Engineering Education

·         Computers, Internet, Multimedia in Engineering Education.

·         Organization of Laboratories.

·         Management of Educational Institutes.

·         Relations between lecturers and students.

·         Methodologies in examinations and relevant problems.

·         Examinations and Tests via Internet.

·         Awards and Education.

·         Linking Academic Knowledge with the Industrial Needs.

·         The Role of Public and Private Sector in the Higher Education.

·         Education Military Universities and Military Academies.

·         Research and development in Engineering Education.

·         Resources and Funds in Engineering Education.

·         Quality Assurance in Engineering Education

·         Mechanical Engineering Education

·         Environmental and Civil Engineering Education 

·         Electric & Electronic Engineering Education